Soloman VonNeida of Union County, PA

by: Donald Crabb
Elizabethtown, PA
Last Updated: 28 APR 2015

Some data on my VonNeida genealogy. While doing some of my research, I came across several stories about a John Vonneida, known as Hairy John, and supposedly some relation of mine, although I haven't been able to verify this. Hairy John lived by a large spring along the road from Hartleton to Aaronsburg. This area subsequently became a state park named Hairy John's. I have included the two stories (legends) about Hairy John which have some similarity but differences also, showing how stories can change as told by different sources.
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Soloman VonNeida Descendant Chart
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Legend of Hairy John Voneida
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Legend of Hairy John Vonneda

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share or correct any information on this VonNeida line.

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